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My name is Tiago and I’m a Virtual Reality researcher and enthusiast from Portugal, currently living in the United Kingdom.

I believe VR will surpass computers one day and I want to be there when it happens.

What I've been up to

Locomotion in Virtual Reality

My dissertation on Cybersickness when using VR devices. The work carried out as part of the internship at Mimicry Games.

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Creating a basic VR demo using Unreal

An quick and easy tutorial on creating your first VR application with Unreal Engine

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aMAZEing World

aMAZEing World is a original VR experience designed to take advantage of the Oculus Rift tracking system to create a game without any controls besides your head movements.

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@UC – Android App

Developed an Android App to promote the different research centres of the University of Coimbra

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OdysseyCoimbra – Android App

Android App to promote the city of Coimbra as a UNESCO World Heritage

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PIMC – University of Coimbra

Web page development for the Special Image, Media and Communication Project of University of Coimbra

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What's Good and New?

BT – The insider’s view

Really happy to share my story in ‘BT – The insider’s view’. In this interview, I talk about my work...

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British Science Week

It’s day 1 of our very first Virtual BritishScienceWeek hosted by Adastral Park! Explore the world of CyberSecurity with our...

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VSOC at AI Festival 2021

Alex Healing shows us BT’s AI security tools that monitor the internal network for threats and show where they...

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Podcast - Mind The XR Gap

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