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[Award-winning] Discerning User Activity in XR Through Biometric Side-Channels

Scientific paper that highlights an important issue for those seeking to utilise XR (virtual reality, mixed reality, etc.) for secure applications.

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Valve has the perfect opportunity to bring VR to the masses

While we desperately wait for the release of Half-Life: Alyx (coming 23rd March), I would like to point out that this can be the opportunity of mass adoption of Virtual Realy (VR)

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Extended Reality in IoT scenarios: Concepts, Applications and Future Trends

A survey work done by Daniel Bastos and me to highlight the importance of these technologies and how can we combine them together.

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How bad developers can taint the future of VR

4 points to consider when showcasing a VR game/experience

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Locomotion in Virtual Reality

My dissertation on Cybersickness when using VR devices. The work carried out as part of the internship at Mimicry Games.

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Creating a basic VR demo using Unreal

An quick and easy tutorial on creating your first VR application with Unreal Engine

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