Virtual Security Operations Centre

“VSOC is a prototype to get analysts fully immersed in their experience of analysing data, particularly important because they’ve got to have a lot of data from a lot of different places and rather than having dozens of different screens of on your desk this makes it very easy to configure and reconfigure massive workspaces.”

This is an ongoing research project, where my role involves looking at the current challenges for Cybersecurity and thinking one step ahead of innovative solutions. My focus is on augmenting the power of Data Scientists by the use of Extended Reality (VR/AR) technologies.


This project is currently in development at BT Applied Research. Therefore, this is the only information that I can disclose about this project at the moment.

Role Description

Researching on different VR use cases for BT Cyber Security innovation to create future working tool concepts. The main focus is to create VR prototypes and evaluate the value that brings to the business, generating papers, patents and usability studies. For the prototypes I’m in charge of the different development processes (code, design, modelling and sound). Moreover, I’m responsible to showcase the inventions to investors and clients.

Technical Skills

For the project development, I’m using Unreal Engine with C++ and Blueprints.

Related Media


Research Specialist


01/12/2017 – Present


Research Topics

  • Virtual Reality
  • Remote Collaboration
  • Cyber Security
  • Big Data
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