aMAZEing World is a original VR experience designed to take advantage of the Oculus Rift tracking system to create a game without any controls besides your head movements. The goal of the game is to guide a ball through a maze without hitting any walls. The maze slides in from right to left towards the ball. So the players job is to move his/her head up, down, left or right to guide the ball avoiding the walls.

About the team

The aMAZEing World development team is composed by Tiago Andrade, Daniel Bastos and Andreia Antunes. Both Tiago and Daniel just finished the Masters in Software Engineering at the University of Coimbra, and they both share a passion for Virtual Reality. After several months of debating and sharing ideas, they decided to buy an Oculus Rift Development Kit to start developing their own project. Andreia, now a graduate in Design and Multimedia, joined them as the lead project designer. With the help of the Oculus DK2 they started developing aMAZEing World in their spare time from college. AW is a VR game with an all new player interaction and aimed at bringing a new spin to puzzle games.


In February 2016 we participated in the hackathon Shift Appens in Coimbra. In the 3 days of the event we continued to develop aMAZEing World and reached the first alpha release. We also got to show it to the audience and the feedback was impressive. All those who played the game described it as fun and challenging. Furthermore, they encouraged us to continue developing the game which was really exciting.

Comic Con Portugal 2016

We were invited to showcase aMAZEing World at Comic-Con Portugal 2016. This opportunity allowed us to show/demo our game to VR enthusiasts and the general public. The feedback was great and provided insights on how to improve the game.

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Team leader and programmer


01/07/2016 – 01/09/2019

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