Interactive Portfolio (2017)

Back when I first started job hunting, I quickly realised recruitment agencies and search engines for jobs use a very dull and not very creative way to select their candidates, the same 2 pager document with the person’s most relevant skills.

I dislike CV documents for a couple of reasons:

  • It limits your projects/work timeline exposure;
  • It’s unoriginal and blends into hundred of other CVs;
  • It doesn’t allow extending into more details on a given topic/project/work experience.
  • It doesn’t show your working projects, different skills in action or capabilities that you have;

Moreover, taking the recruiter’s perspective after looking into the thousands of CVs every day, he/she is just looking for something that stands out from the rest.

With this in mind, I challenge myself to try and gamify my CV with the knowledge that I had learned in the Game Design course at Uni.

The result of that is this interactive/playable portfolio where the user can explore a room filled with my skills and work experiences. The recruiter (user) can freely explore the 3D space while clicking on the objects that he finds more interesting to investigate. When selecting an object a pop-up with more detailed information about the projects is shown and media content starts playing as well.

This portfolio (now outdated) is still available to try here.

Technical Skills

The main programming language used was C#. Used Unity3D for the game engine and a blender for the 3D models.

Game Engine




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