eXtended Reality Access Control


Subscription-based model for consumer products/services is the trend nowadays, where the user pays a recurring price at a regular intervals to maintain access to the same service. Online games/apps shops like VivePort, Android store, Steam, Netflix, Disney+, Apple Music, Spotify and others are perfect examples of the use of this model or variations of it

A trial period as often used for new customers to allow them to explore the content and get used to the service or product. However, users can exploit the trial to obtain free access to a product for longer periods of time without paying the subscription (e.g. creating multiple accounts with different e-mail addresses). Furthermore, users with malicious intentions can steal other users’ accounts and obtain full access to the service, while the victims still pay the subscription.

We propose a system that grants or prevents user access to a specific resource based on the user’s physiological and/or behavioural profile. By creating a biometric user profile on the server of the service provider that can score the similarities against the stored profiles on the database. This prevents the same user creating multiple accounts in order to extend trial benefits and locks unauthorized users from accessing accounts they do not own. To know more about this invention please click on this link.

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  • BAXANDALL, Oliver
  • ANDRADE, Tiago

Relevant Topics

  • Virtual Reality
  • Cyber Security
  • User Behaviour
  • Continous Authentication
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