Month: September 2021

Stage 1 winner of #PresentIn10 Competiton E&T

It was an excellent experience to be part of the #PresentIn10 Competition organised by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (#IET). I was able to present my idea on how #VR can change and improve the way we work from home and suprised for winning the Stage 1 award of the competition.

Not only allowed me to present my ideas and train my pitch, but it also allow me to connect with other people and learn from other topics being presented.

Even though I wasn’t able to progress to the final stages of the competition, it was a superb way to improve my presentation skills and connect with others. If someone has an engineering idea to share, I recommend applying for next year event, because I definitely will be there again 😁

#Engineering #DigitalFutures #Innovation #WFH #WorkingFromHome #VR #AR #MR #Competition #YoungProfessionals

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